The largest manufacturer of
glass containers in Siberia
Attractive geographic
position of Novosibirsk
High quality of
manufactured products

The largest glass container production beyond the Ural Mountains is located in the glass complexes of the EKRAN industrial park.

OOO Siberian Glass (Siberian Glass, Limited Liability Company) is the anchor resident of the industrial park EKRAN. It specializes in the production of colorless and colored container glass. The geography of supplies encompasses the regions of Russia from the Urals to the Far East, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Mongolia.

Six lines were put into operation for the production of lightweight glass containers, using the NNPB (Narrow Neck Press and Blow) technology, which reduces the weight of the bottle by 30%, to 265 g, while maintaining its strength. In total, we have 120 types of products and all of them meet the requirements for the safety of life and health of consumers.